Quality Control

Manuel de León

Began his story in coffee at the age of 6 when his father Jorge De Leon taught him and his younger brother how to roast and cup. At age 15, he was introduced to the technical analysis of cupping, where he gained deeper understanding of Guatemalan Coffees. Since then he has been cupping coffees from all regions, concentrating on Antigua Coffees. He has taken many courses at Anacafe, obtaining the Cuppers, Barista and Roasters degrees. He worked at COFECO, S. A. as head cupper and quality control advisor. During that time he participated as a cupper at the SCAA in Portland, OR., and at the Guatemalan “Cup of Excellence” in the pre-selection round and the auctioned coffees. Manuel also obtained his Q grade certification in Long Beach, CA. Currently Manuel is part of the cupping panel at TWCS as well as directly working with the farmers to maintain TWCS’s quality standards. He is also continuously searching for new coffees with exciting characteristics in producing countries.

Humberto Peña

Humberto Peña is an expert in the coffee industry, with over 25 years of experience in cupping and quality control. He was awarded the title of ‘Expert coffee cupper’. Peña has worked as the director of administration and production for the dry and wet milles for H. De Sola, S.A. in Guatemala and El Salvador. He was the head of cuppers for the National Coffee Association of Guatemala (Anacafe) for three years prior to Ambrosio. He is currently the director of SuBeneficio, S.A. (owned by the Coto Family) in Guatemala, where he is responsible for quality control, operations and to make sure the Mill is run most efficiently. He is responsible for making sure that all the coffee we purchase is delivered to SuBeneficio with the quality previously approved.

Jorge De León

Jorge De Leon his long trajectory in coffee back in 1983 as a cupping lab assistant at Anacafe, where he took courses on the cultivation, wet and dry milling, exporting, and cupping with expert cupper Mr. Axel Mejia Sanchez. In 1988 began working at Del Tropico and a year later, in he joined BECENSA, a coffee exporting company. During that time he also worked part time at DESOLA (later Unex de Guatemala). A few years later he worked at Agricafe/Usicafe. In 1998 he became independent setting up Café Corporativo, specializing in technical field consulting and cupping in the Antigua region. He has worked with some of the most renowned farms such as, Finca Carmona, Finca Bella Vista, Finca Santa Clara, Finca Capetio, Finca Puerta Verde and many others. Currently Jorge works for UNEX DE GUATEMALA, part of the ITOCHU Group. rge is an experienced Q cupper, and has been on the panel of auction judges for “Cup of Excellence” since 2002. In 2004-05 he participated as a judge for the ‘Exceptional Cup’ auction and has also participated as judge for several “Q” auctions.
About us: With three generations of coffee growers in the family, Third Wave Coffee Source has sprung from a rich tradition of coffee.