Region: Antigua Coffee Cup Characteristics: Elegant and fine aroma. Fine and pronunced acidity. Full, delicate, and well balanced body. Smooth and elecant. Altitude: 5,000-5,600 ft (1,500-1,700 mts) Soil: Volcanic with Pumice Major Microclimate Influence: Enclosed Valley Annual Rainfall: 32-48 inches (800-1,200 mm) Ave. Temp: 64-72 Degrees F (18-22 Degrees C) Low/How Humidity: 65% (Constant) Drying Process: Sun Dryed on Patios Type of Share: Gravilea Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai Harvest Season: January/Mid-March

With help from Fuego volcano adding fresh dustings of mineral-rich ash to the valley, the low humidity, intense sun, and cool nights of the Antigua region produces beans that are elegant and well balanced with a rich aroma and taste you will love every time you brew our coffees.