Asodiett Coop

Founder/President: Macario Calmo 
Lot Varietal:
Bourbon, Pache & Caturra
Cupping Notes:
Sweet roasted nuts, great molases sweetness, medium citric acidity, body and clean up

Town/City: Caserio Tuiboch, Aldea Mash, Todo Santos Cuchumatan
Coop Founded in: 2011
Varietals: Bourbon, Pache & Caturra
Total Production: 1500 46 kg (103lbs) bags of Parchment 
Shade Tress: CHALUM, INGA and Native Trees
Rainfall: 1800MM (60-70 inches per year) 
Altitude: 1,500-1800 meters
Water Supply: Natural  Water Spring
Processing: Hand pulped, hand washed
Drying method: Patio, roof, nylon 

Lot Story:

Asodiett is a coffee producer association from Aldea Mash, Todos Santos, Huehuetenango. About 30 families participate and form part of this association. Many of the families produce textiles in addition to coffee in an effort to sustain their families. This specific lot is made up of only three producer's coffee, Macario (community leader), Teresa and Venancio. They are small producers themselves whose coffees excelled this year, however the lots were very small. Therefore, it was necessary to combine them in order to process the coffee. The combination of the three yields a richer, more balanced cup.