El Limonar

Producer: Rogelio Aguirre Ovalle 
Various Lots
Bourbon, Villa Sarchi, Bourbon & Mundo Novo

La Libertad
Farm Size: 70 Hectars
Farm Varietals & Percentage: 
60% Bourbón Mundo Novo , 30% Caturra & Villa Sarchi, 30% Pacamara and 10% Marago
: Fully Washed and dried on patio
Total Production: 1500 46kg (103lbs) bagsof Parchment
Altitude: 4,300 – 6,100 ft (1,375-1,615 mts)  above sea level  
Rainfall: 2,000mm per year
Water supply: El Injerto River
Shade Trees: Chalum, Inga and Tabaquillo (a native tree)
Family History:

Rosa Maria Ovalle and her son, Don Rogelio Aguirre Ovalle, have been in charge of the farm since the beginning. During this time, the coffee has been their  coffee has participated in many Cup of Excellence auctions. In 2013 their Bourbon placed in the top ten, placing on number 7. Also, their Mundo Novo varietal made it to 15th place in 2014. 
Package: Grain Pro – a multi-layer plastic bag made to preserve freshness and aroma for longer keeping our coffees at their best.
Fragrance/Aroma: Pronounced sweet fruits 8-9