San Fransisco Tecuamburro

Producer: Sergio Barilla
Lot: Bourbon 
Cupping Notes:
Dark chocolate with balanced body and plum and brown sugar sweetness topped off by a smooth nutty finish. 
Town/ City: Aldea Tecuamburro, Pueblo Nuevo Vinas
Founded in: Late 1800's
Farm Size: around 77 Hectares
Total Production: approx. 750 69kg bags
Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra
Shade Trees: Gravilea and native trees to the mountain
Altitude: 5300-7000 fasl (El Pollo is at the 7000ft right on the Tecuamburro volcano) 
Water Supply: The farm has a natural spring that gives birth to Rio Frio (Cold River), which provides water to a number of towns downstream. 
Method Fertilizer: Soil analysis dictates what the plantation needs as it provides results of the minerals and nutrients that are lacking in the soil. Fertilization is prepared on a case by case basis every year. 
Processing: Fully Washed and dried in Patios 

Family History:

Finca San Fransisco Tecuamburro was founded by Mr. Daniel Barillas Hessarte along with his wife Mrs. Matilde Arrollo de Barillas. When Mr. Barillas passed away, his sons Guillermo Barillas Arrollo and Haroldo Barillas Arrollo inherited the farm. After a few years, Haroldo sold his half, and only Guillermo kept his part of the land and has kept it ever since. The farm has been managed by Mr. Sergio Barillas, son of Guillermo for over 15 years.