La Bella

Producer: Teodoro Englehart
Villa Sarchi
Cupping Notes:
Full body with caramel sweetness, fruity and citrus with clean roasted almonds finish

Owned since/ Founded in:  1963 years
Farm Size:  100 hectarias  
Region:  Las Minas Mountain Ridge
County: San Cristobal Acasaguastlan and San Agustin Acasaguastlan
Department: El Progreso, Guatemala
Total Production:  1,500 – 2,000 parchment
Varietals: 45%  Villa Sarchi, 25% Pacamara, Bourbon 10%, Caturra 10%, Sarchimor 10%
Shade Trees:  Ingas, Grabilea, Capulin, Segundo docel de cedro, sistemas agroforestales con liquidambar, pino  30% of forest
Rainfall: 2,000- 3,000 mm per year
Altitude:  4,008- 5,004 ft (1,660 msl)
Water supply:  Natural spring and Quebra Grande river
Processing:  Fully washed
Certifications: Café Practices, with the possibility Rain Forest Alliance is being considered
Awards: 13th place at the 2013 Cup of Excellence Guatemala, with the variety Villa Sarchi
Owned since/ Founded in:  1963 years

About the farm:

“For four generations, the skills of planting of growing, harvesting and processing coffee have been handed down to each member of the family.

The location, altitude, and soils influence the overall taste, aroma, sweetness and acidity and these characteristics are enhanced through meticulous selection and processing. For generations our attention to detail, and outmost dedication to quality is what we strive for at La Bella. 

Continuous improvement of our employees is sought through training, medical assistance, improved housing and services, to have an integrated development of social and environmental responsibility."

-Teodoro Englehart

Package: Grain Pro – a multi-layer plastic bag made to preserve freshness and aroma for longer keeping our coffees at their best.




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