Monte de Oro

Producer: Mario Alarcon 
Verde Azul
Cupping Notes:
Sweet milk chocolate with a tangerine acidity and a balance full body that hints of plum and cherries.

Town City: Balam Juju
Founded since: 1900 (5th generation)
Farm size: 32 Mz
Total Production: 320 bags of 150 pounds 
Varietals: Caturra (50%), Bourbon (50%) --Pache, Caturra, Catuai, Gesha
Shade Trees: Grabilea, Cushin
Rainfall: 1,800 mm on average
Altitude: 4,600 ftasl - 5,500 ftasl
Water Supply: Water gathering tunnels built in to the mountain
Method of Fertilizer: Solid on to the ground and spray (zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc.)
Processing Methods: Wahsed, natural, honey

Family History:

Located in Acatenango Valley, in the Balam Juju hill slopes. Mr. Pedro Melendez owner of "El Socorro" farm extended through 2,060 hectares which Mr. Melendez decided to inherit to his 4 children. In that moment the farm was diversified into the following products: corn, bean, sugar cane, cattle, forest, coffee. 
"My grandfather, Fidel Melendez, changed its name to his farm's part and named it Monte de Oro, inferring to the great fertility of the farm ground. Fidel Melendez inherit to my grandfather Ricardo.
Melendez, who intensified the coffee growing, turned it into a single crop farm. In this process news varietals and processing techniques were introduced. At the same time, my grandfather, dissatisfied about selling his coffee to our Antigua's neighbors and convinced about the high quality of the regional cherry got together with several producers and founded "Cooperativa Acatenango". 

In 1980 my grandfather passed away, and then came the time for my mother Ericka Melendez to take command of the farm administration. It's important to note that she was the first lady in the area who managed a coffee farm with success, back in the time was the civil war time in Guatemala. Even with all the threats and problems that caused this internal conflict, my mother didn't give up, and she kept running the farm successfully. In 2008 my mother and my father, Mario Rene Alarcon Aguilar, decided that it was time to give a new turn to the farm, and then was the time for me to take the management. My name is Mario( after my father) Ricardo (after my grandfather), Alarcon Melendez and Im the 5th generation that has been on charge of the farm. Due to my major (Mechanic Industrial Engineer), I took the challenge of designing a wet mill, which will end the paradigm of excessive water usage for the process. Using the latest generation machinery and with a simple and efficient process, we founded the new wet mill Monte de Oro. Currently the farm has more than 5 varietals of coffee and 3 different processes, having as a result the wide variety of flavors for our worldwide clients."